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Legal Status

Our Legal Status

UPPC is the leading Security Printing and Publishing House in Uganda Legal Status M/s Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC), is a State Corporation established by the Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation Act (Cap.330 of the Laws of the Republic of Uganda).
It was a Government Printing department established in 1902 as a Government Printer, an autonomous government corporation that handles both governmental and private sector printing and publishing.

To remain the market leader in security printing and publishing in Uganda
To provide quality, timely, secure and economic printing and publishing services to all government departments and the private sector in a free liberalized environment.

Main Duties:
(1) Chief Adviser to Government on all printing and publishing matters.
(2) Provide printing and publishing facilities to Government Ministries, Departments, and Parastatal bodies and to Private individuals and organizations.
(3) Undertake Security Printing work for all clients.
(4) Sole printer and publishers of all Government Legislation and other
legal instruments. (5) Print and publishing Education Boos; Reports, Manuals and Magazines for general reading and use.
(6) Produce posters and other forms of printed advertising materials.
(7) Offer technical printing apprenticeship services for students from university and tertiary institutions in East Africa.