Our Services

UPPC is a leading provider of all printing services for both developing companies and organisations, and large corporate customers spread all across the globe. Our convenient, cost-effective, time saving and high quality printing services have certainly helped us not only in winning good clientele but also share a long term relationship with them. We are a home of expert professionals with a long experience in developing all kinds of print designs for a very diverse list of clients. We offer a comprehensive range of printing services. We use the latest technology, graphic design, sophisticated pre press, printing and post-production equipment to offer our customers the best quality printing services. Our range of printing services includes:

Security Printing

Ballot Papers, Examinations, Land Titles, Certificates / Transcripts, General Receipts, Medical Forms. All government Stationery bearing the Court of Arms e.g. letterheads and other official printed stationery, Parliamentary Reports, Policy Statements, Livestock Certificates. etc

Commercial Printing

Magazines Printing and Binding, Books Printing and Binding, Journals Printing, Catalogs Printing, Posters Printing, Calendars Printing, Pocket Folders Labels Printing, Tags Printing, etc


1. The Uganda Gazette and its supplements: Acts, Ordinances, Statutory Instruments, Bills, Legal Notices. 2. Government Reports / Papers

Records Storage and Archival

Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation does not stop at publishing your product but also provides the client with storage and back up in various forms.

Hard Copy in Physical Data Storage File for short term format storage


Hard Copy in Physical Data longterm archival for long term storage


Soft Copy on local server backup disk for short term soft format storage


Soft copy on web server data archival for long term soft format storage


The Uganda Gazette

Buy yourself a copy at only 5000 Uganda Shillings or make an annual subscription of Ugx.1,400,000 for local subscribers and USD1400 for international subscribers to receive copies of every issue of the Uganda gazette throughout the year. Online Access to the gazzete with online subscription will be made possible for you soon

Uganda Gazette is the legal Government newspaper where, among others, all Government appointments, notices, declarations, transactions, contracts and legislations are recorded to become official in law. In addition to government departments and parastatals, private institutions and individuals use the Gazette to legalize their official transactions, records and data as mandated by the various Laws. The Gazette is a document acceptable in the courts of law as evidence.