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Prof. Tom Davis Wasswa

Prof. Tom Davis Wasswa is the New Managing Director (MD) of Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC)

Historical background about Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC)

Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC) started operations in the early 1900s as a  Government Printer under the office of the President. It was later incorporated in 1992, turning into an autonomous body under the same office. 

What services does UPPC offer?

  • One of the core business of the corporation is to Print and publish all government legislation, documents, and other legal instruments.
  • Act as the chief advisor to the government on all printing and publishing matters.
  • Provide printing and publishing facilities and services to government ministries, departments, parastatals, private organizations, and private individuals.
  • Provide stationery such as envelops, desk calendars, letterheads visiting cards, file folders and other stationery for office use.
  • Print and Publish education books, reports, manuals and magazines for general use.
  • Produce posters and other forms of printed advertising material.
  • Produce paper bags, paper boxes and other paper packing containers.
  • Provide technical drawings and architectural plans.
  • Publishing books, booklets or other publications which enhance the culture, welfare, and unity of Uganda.
  • Print both text and exercise books or any other books, magazines or other documents.
  • Provide business and accounting stationery such as receipt forms, cash books, and ledger books.

In addition to the above services UPPC is the sole printer and Publisher of the Uganda Gazette ,It is the Official Government Newsletter and contains Notices, Government declarations and supplements that contain the various Bills, Statutes, Statutory Instruments and Legal Notices that are available to the General Public such as Gazetting of professional accreditations, places of marriage celebrations, official licensed bodies to transact business on behalf of both government and private institutions.

It also contains notices that include but are not limited to Sale and Executions, Court Orders, Deceased Estates, Sale of Business, Surrender of Debtor Estates, Deed Polls, Notice to Creditors, Liquidation and Distribution Accounts, etc.

 Purpose of the Uganda Gazette:

  • Provide access to Government announcements and declarations.
  • Provide information about the various Laws, Statutes, Legal Notices, Statutory Instruments, and Bills. 
  • It is also a legal requirement for certain proclamations or notices to be published in the Gazette for legal efficacy and effectiveness.

Our current readership is the Judiciary, the broad public, Government officials, Government

Departments and functionaries, the media, Professional bodies, academicians, Private organizations and the international community.

Deliberate innovation initiatives in place to ensure that UPPC stays afloat in business

Currently, we are intentionally moving more into strategic partnerships in order to effectively deliver on our mandate. Thanks to the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) framework that is now available for use by organizations such as UPPC.

With the current competition not only in Uganda but globally and the tight framework of legislation in which we operate, there is no way we can succeed without working in partnership with others. This can be in the form of joint ventures or any other form available for delivering on results and profitability. We are open-minded and steadfast in seeking out all forms of support and joint efforts to enable us to stand out as a modern corporation.

In addition, a joint venture agreement between the government and a consortium of Germany based companies; led by Veridos GmH to revamp UPPC’s operations was signed. Through this joint venture, UPPC will undertake its mandate more effectively especially in the area of security printing. 

We are also striving to make it easy for our customers to access our products and services through online platforms, effective technologies, wider circulation, and quality customer care.

UPPC intends to acquire a state of the art printing machinery/ pre-press with more advanced technology that will improve the quality of printing services rendered to our customers as the company grows Business.

As the market becomes more sophisticated, we have an opportunity to drive growth and profitability in the market, we must seize the market in order to benefit customers and stakeholders  by delivering value  and  move closer to achieving our goal of becoming  ‘’No.1 printing and Publishing house both nationally and regionally’’

Landmark achievements:

The secret is in our uniqueness. Knowing our niche has been key. We play a leading role in security printing and publishing. We are also the sole printer of the Uganda Gazette. This is a legal document that is acceptable in courts of law and seals ownership in cases of land titles, authenticates change of name of either companies or individuals, validates national election results affirms company’s trademarks and uniforms. It also acts as proof to rightful professional bodies as well as confirms rightful succession by publishing letters of administration.

Our long term experience of more than 100 years of security printing gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors. We are now working hard to regain our market share. Working closely with our customers has given us leverage. We understand what they exactly need.

Distribution Efficiency:

We are also striving to take the Business closer to our customers and our services can be accessed in Entebbe, Kampala and all book shops around the country. Efficiency is important in the quest to provide accessible and affordable services. We are in partnership with URSB on a quest to get all Marriage Ceremonial Places Gazette.



The Uganda Law Reform Commission (ULRC) and Uganda Printing and publishing Corporation (UPPC) signed a 5year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at enhancing cooperation, creating and building synergies to improve execution of their mandates.

 Under this new arrangement UPPC will allow ULRC access to specified soft copies of the laws  as published  by UPPC, this takes immediate effect .

UPPC will offer printing and publishing services to ULRC.

Mr. Kasekende Aristarco Mujuzi, CPA the Acting Managing Director signed  on behalf of UPPC while Mrs. Vastina Rukimirana Nsanze  represesented the ULRC in the presence of officials from both entities

According to Mr. Kasekende, the MOU Validates  a good working relationship between the two institutions

"We are optimistic  that the MOU will register immense benefits and ULRC can ably review the acts and other laws comprising the laws of Uganda" Mr. Kasekende stressed.

ULRC and UPPC  are committed to  ensuring that  this partnership thrive and it contributes  to ULRC's  mission of reforming and updating the law in line with the  social cultural and economic values of the people of Uganda.

Similarly UPPC shall provide  requisite support in consultation with ULRC to enable  effective ralisation of  the objectives  under the MOU, Participate in performance review meetings and designate officials to implement the MOU.

ULRC and UPPC shall coordinate the pantership  activities through information and resource sharing and usage as agreed from time to time.

The two entities, also realized  the need  to increase  their efficiency through service delivery and shall engage in the area of ICT and come up with solutions to enhance information exchange.


Neither Party shall during the  term of this agreement or thereafter disclose to any person or use  for any purpose any confidential information obtained by it in connection with this MOU, except with prior written permission of the other Party