Services of UPPC

A Century of Excellence

Over 115 years of experience as Uganda's leading security printer and publisher.

Established in 1902 as a Government Printer, UPPC handles both governmental and private sector printing and publishing such as;

What services does UPPC offers?

  • Print and publish all government legislation, documents and other legal instruments.
  • Act as an in-service school to train its own and other organisation’s apprentice printers within Uganda and East Africa.
  • Act as a chief advisor to the government on all printing and publishing matters.
  • Provide printing and publishing facilities and services to government ministries, departments, parastatals, private organisations and private individuals.
  • Provide stationery such as envelops, desk calendars, letterheads visiting cards, file folders and other stationery for office use.
  • Print and Publish education books, reports, manuals and magazines for general use.
  • Produce posters and other forms of printed advertising material.
  • Produce paper bags, paper boxes and other paper packing containers.
  • Provide technical drawings and architectural plans.
  • Publishing books, booklets or other publications which enhance the culture, welfare and unity of Uganda.
  • Print both text and exercise books or any other books, magazines or other documents.
  • Provide business and accounting stationery such as receipt forms, cash books, and ledger books.
  • Undertake security printing works for all clients as well as undertaking any other activity that may be carried out by a printing and publishing institution.